Mosquito Control In Memphis, TN

Say Goodbye To Mosquito Problems In Memphis, TN

When you’re trying to enjoy your backyard, but are being driven to distraction by a horde of hungry mosquitoes, you might begin to wonder how you can reduce their numbers to make spending time outside a pleasant experience. Mosquito reduction in Memphis isn’t out of reach; you just need to partner with the right company. Dart Pest is that company.

Our Effective Mosquito Control Process

a pest technician performing an exterior mosquito treatment outside of a home in memphis tennessee

Dart Pest, Lawn & Wildlife’s mosquito control service is a monthly service plan offered between March and October. Each service visit includes treatment to the exterior perimeter of your house, as well as your lawn.

We use either a backpack misting machine or a truck sprayer, depending on the size of your yard, to perform the treatment.

Although we do not treat standing water, we will point out areas that are mosquito breeding grounds and problem areas. We will also reduce any standing water where we can, such as emptying buckets of water and ensuring drains and culverts are free of debris.

One-time treatments are also available. These are perfect for special events, such as barbeques, outdoor concerts, outdoor weddings, and more.

Get Back To Enjoying Your Yard

With mosquito elimination services from Dart Pest, Lawn & Wildlife, you can start enjoying your backyard again. Our monthly service will reduce the mosquito populations on your Memphis, TN property, allowing you to spend time outdoors without being eaten alive. Contact Dart Pest to schedule your first service.


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