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cockroach in home

Why Cockroaches In Your Memphis Home Are More Dangerous Than You May Think


In our service area, we have four common cockroaches that get into homes. They are the German cockroach, American cockroach, brown banded cockroach, and Oriental cockroach. These pests have slightly different behavior patterns and harborage preferences, but they can all present serious health threats to your family when they get inside your Memphis home. Here's why.... Read More

a termite swarmer alate crawling on a wooden table

Termite Season In Memphis: What Homeowners Ought To Know


There are many things that can damage your Memphis home. Almost all of them are covered by your homeowner's insurance policy. But there is a type of damage that happens over time as a result of poor maintenance. This type of damage is not covered by your home insurance policy.... Read More

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The Secret To A Beautiful Memphis Lawn


Are you less than pleased with your lawn and landscaping? Have you wondered how the other homeowners on your street, or in your cul-de-sac, keep their yards perfectly manicured all the time? They probably don't do it themselves. ... Read More

a bed bug crawling on sheets

5 Things You Probably Didn't Know About the Bed Bugs in Memphis


Bed bugs cause all kinds of issues for Memphis homeowners, and yet few people know much about them. These pests are incredibly difficult to get rid of partly because people don’t understand how they operate, how they invade homes, and what they do once they get into a home. These five facts about bed bugs will give you an advantage when warding off your own bed bug infestation.... Read More

termite damage on a wooden cabinet

A Termite Quick Guide for Memphis Homeowners


Termites are destructive pests that cost homeowners around the country billions of dollars in repairs every year. Unfortunately, they are incredibly hard to spot or identify, which means they could be doing damage that you aren’t aware of. Use this quick guide to keep termites out of your home. ... Read More

a squirrel on a roof in memphis tennessee residential home

What to Do if Squirrels Have Found Their Way into Your Memphis Attic


Believe it or not, squirrels are pretty resourceful. They’re cute (depending on who you ask) and they do the hard work of collecting nuts, seeds, acorns, and other delectable tidbits. They play “deceptive caching” games with fellow squirrels by pretending to bury and cover a nut for an unsuspecting opponent and then go bury their precious delicacy elsewhere. ... Read More

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