What Your Memphis Lawn Wants You To Know About Damaging Weeds


You could argue that your lawn likes weeds even less than you do. While you may not enjoy looking at weeds, your yard sees them as deadly invaders. If your lawn could talk, what would it tell you about weeds? Find out everything your lawn wants you to know about Memphis weeds.

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The Types Of Weeds In Memphis 

Three types of weeds could ruin your Memphis yard. The first type you’ll want to be aware of is the broadleaf weed. As the easiest type of weed to identify, the broadleaf has broad leaves that often occur in pairs or multiples. One of the most common examples of this weed is the dandelion or clover. 
Meanwhile, grassy weeds are closer in appearance to grass, but they probably won't look anything like your well-manicured lawn. One of the most prevalent types of grassy weeds is crabgrass. Typically, the stems of grassy weeds are flat or round. 
Finally, there are the sedges. Most grassy weed herbicides don't work on sedges. They have leaves in three vertical rows and a distinct triangular stem. Although you might not be able to tell apart a sedge from a grassy weed, an expert can. Before you treat your lawn, you should identify which weeds are affecting it. 

The Problem With Weeds

There are three main issues with weeds. For one, weeds kill your lawn, robbing the vital nutrients that it needs to survive. As hard as you try to keep your lawn lush and vibrant, weeds will prevent you from succeeding. 
There's also the issue of appearance; weeds in your lawn just simply don't look good. Far from the street, you can spot these unsightly plants. Because they grow quickly and take over even quicker, weeds are highly visible, disrupting the continuity of your yard and keeping your lawn from looking it’s best. Typically, weeds grow at a different rate than your grass, making uniform height maintenance almost impossible.
Finally, weeds are extremely difficult to prevent. Weeds can grow almost anywhere, so it's hard to keep them away entirely. Unless you have training and experience with weed control, you may not be able to deter them. 

Weed Prevention Tips

Your lawn wants you to know that there are things you can do to prevent weeds. First, you can avoid unnecessary tilling and cultivating on your lawn. Typically, weeds are dormant under the soil's surface, and tilling brings them up and allows them to take over.
You can also apply a pre-emergent herbicide. Designed to keep weeds from germinating, pre-emergents are an effective way to control weeds. That said, they are only targeted for specific weeds. If you use the wrong treatment, you'll continue to experience trouble. 
If you don't want weeds growing in your garden altogether, you can mulch your beds. About two inches of mulch may be enough to keep weeds away. Mulching also has other benefits, such as allowing the soil to retain moisture. 
As a final precaution, grow your plants close together. Weeds thrive in open and sunny places. If your plants are spaced too far apart, weeds will grow between them. 

Rely On The Experts

Perhaps the most important tip your lawn would like to convey is the need for professional assistance. If you're not an expert in Memphis weeds, you probably don't know what type of treatments your lawn needs to keep these undesirable plants away. You also probably don't have the tools necessary to do the job.
For the best results, count on the Dart, Pest, Lawn & Wildlife professionals. Contact us today to learn more about our seasonal lawn care services. After receiving treatment for weed prevention, your lawn will thank you by being lusher than ever!

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