What Memphis Property Owners Need To Know About Powderpost Beetles


Wood-destroying insects are the absolute worst. They can literally whittle your Memphis home or business down to the ground. Termites are talked about the most, but there are several other species that can be just as devastating. Powderpost beetles are an example. As their name hints, they shred wood until it’s turned into powder. Be it a building, furniture, or wood belongings, they can wreck it. To make matters worse, there are multiple powderpost beetle classes. Anobiids, lyctids, and bostrichids are the most infamous, and each has its own subgroups. Rather than fear the unknown, you can study up on powderpost beetles. That way, you’ll know how to recognize their presence and/or prevent them. Further, you can find out how Dart Pest, Lawn & Wildlife can be of service to you. 

signs of powderpost beetle damamge

How Do Powderpost Beetles Look & Behave? What Are The Risks?

Powderpost beetles are extremely small. Adult anobiids, which are the most common, max out in size at 0.31 of an inch long. Their brown or black bodies are oval-shaped, elongated, and slim. Their larvae are white and grub-like. It takes about one to three years for an egg to hatch and for the specimen to reach adulthood. This means that eggs and young can sit in wood pores and structural voids for an extended period of time without being noticed. 
Unfinished or unvarnished wood without paint or coating is liable to be targeted by powderpost beetles. Softwoods and conifers, such as timber, pine, fir, and spruce are their favorites. These are used for construction, floor joists, wall studs, and beams. It’s no wonder that the pests are formidable opponents for property owners. Moisture attracts them and they usually focus on garages, unheated out-buildings, basements, and crawl spaces. Signs of infestation include:

  • Seeing a lot of tiny holes in walls, foundations, and wood

  • Discovering a substance that looks like flour around holes in wood

  • Having wood that’s severely damaged

When powderpost beetles eat up wood as babies and exit when they’re adults, it creates an opening. These punctures are around 0.12 of an inch in diameter. You may spot gritty matter near the gaps. More than likely, it’s a mix of wood residue and their fecal waste, also called “frass.” Anobiids release frass that is particularly grainy. As it ages, it becomes yellow and cakey. Although this can be an indication that an infestation is no longer active, anobiids often return to spaces they’ve inhabited before.

How Can You Prevent Powderpost Beetles?

Powderpost beetles typically get in properties through firewood. You should burn your logs right away or leave them outdoors and a safe distance from your home or business. The next thing you need to do is have all unseasoned wood sanded, painted, or varnished to seal it. This will make it difficult for the beetles to locate a crack for egg dropping. Additional prevention tips are:

  • Dry lumber in a kiln

  • Avoid putting valuable wood items in outbuildings

  • Have any leaks or fixture issues dampening wood repaired

  • Wash your venting units and gutters often

  • Examine furniture for beetle damage before using it

  • Refurbish or discard wood damaged by water

  • Close up holes around foundations

What Can Dart Pest, Lawn & Wildlife Do About Powderpost Beetles?

The expert technicians at Dart Pest, Lawn & Wildlife have the skills and resources to efficiently find powderpost beetles and their nesting sites. They will apply potent, but safe, products to affected areas. These pests will die and future intrusions will be precluded. Examinations and reports for wood-destroying organisms as a whole are available as well. You’ll receive comprehensive care, complete with continued monitoring. You’ll get a free inspection when you call today! Give us a ring at Dart Pest, Lawn & Wildlife!

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