What Is That Sound In My Memphis Attic?


Have you ever been lying in bed and heard something rattling about above you? Chances are, that was a pest inside your attic. Many critters see your home as a perfectly inviting space to move into. Knowing what to do to prevent these creatures from getting in is key in keeping you and your home safe. Learn how to keep pests out of your Memphis attic with the help of Dart Pest, Lawn & Wildlife.

a squirrel crawling along the walls of an attic in memphis tennessee

Attic-Invading Animals

There are plenty of types of wildlife that seek shelter in houses. Each presents unique problems and each requires slightly different strategies for getting rid of them. The most common types of wildlife that invade homes are squirrels, bats, rats, raccoons, and even opossums. These pests enter homes in search of food and will stop at nothing in order to get it. Some of them, like rats and raccoons, can carry diseases into your home and, in the worst-case scenario, infect someone living in the household.
Raccoons are especially dangerous, as they can carry rabies, which can be lethal to humans if not treated quickly. Rats can carry diseases ranging from salmonella to the plague while they scurry around just about everywhere in your home. Other problems with wildlife in your home are that they can cause structural damage inside your walls. Squirrels chew on wires, wood, and even some pipes, which is not only costly to repair but can create dangerous situations where you may get injured.

Problems With DIY

Many turn to do-it-yourself pest control in order to get rid of pests, but in most cases, this is not a good idea. First, most DIY pest control methods are not effective, and some can actually make it more likely that pests invade or stay. Unfortunately, some people post fake DIY methods on Youtube or Pinterest just to get attention. You should only follow guaranteed effective methods described by professional pest control companies. Even then, if not done perfectly, these strategies may not work and can still be somewhat dangerous.

Professional Pest Control for Wildlife

The best way to get rid of pests is to contact professional pest control and have them do it themselves. That’s where Dart Pest, Lawn & Wildlife comes in. We prioritize getting rid of pests safely, effectively, and creating a worry-free environment inside your home, so you don’t have to think about getting rid of pests yourself. If you find that pests are taking a toll on your day-to-day lifestyle, contact the professionals at Dart Pest, Lawn & Wildlife today.

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