The Truth About Do-It-Yourself Mosquito Control In Arlington


Mosquitoes are irritating. There is no doubt about that. But where there may be some doubt is whether or not it is possible to control mosquitoes. It isn't like controlling ants. Ants have to slowly crawl across the ground to get into your yard. If you apply ant control in your yard, you can make your yard ant-free because it takes time for new ants to replace the ants you've eliminated. How on earth do you do that with mosquitoes? Those irritating bloodsuckers fly! Well, if you have a vision of mosquitoes zipping around your neighborhood from yard to yard in search of a blood meal, we have good news for you; mosquitoes are terrible fliers. This, and perhaps only this, is why it is possible to get control of mosquitoes in your yard. Let's take a look at how mosquito control works.

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The Truth About How Mosquitoes Fly

While a mosquito can fly fairly fast, they expend a lot of energy to do it. This causes mosquitoes to do two things that impact our ability to control them.

Most mosquitoes will only travel a few hundred feet in their entire life. Yes, we said feet. So most of the mosquitoes that bite you in your yard probably hatched in your yard. If you eliminate the mosquitoes in your yard, it will take time for new mosquitoes to replace them.

Mosquitoes have to rest a lot. In fact, they spend most of their time resting. When you go out into your yard, they sense you and come out of their resting places to bite you. They don't buzz around your yard all day long. If you have resting places treated for mosquitoes, your yard becomes a giant mosquito trap. And when you kill just one female mosquito, you're potentially killing the hundreds of mosquitoes she would have produced in your yard.

Do you see how it works?

Mosquito control can have a drastic impact on how many mosquito bites you get when you go out into your backyard. It often works to eliminate the mosquitoes before they have a chance to breed in your yard. When you add breeding site control to your mosquito control plan, it is a one-two knockout punch for mosquitoes.

What is breeding site control?

Mosquitoes lay eggs in standing water or on damp ground. If you eliminate standing water and ground dampness, you can make it difficult or impossible for mosquitoes to breed in your yard. When a female comes into your yard in search of a place to lay her eggs, she won't find one. When she takes a rest in a hiding place around your home, the residual product left by your pest control professional will work to eliminate her. That means she won't be laying her eggs in your neighbor's yard either. That is more good news. The last thing you want is a few hundred mosquitoes hatching on a property right next to your property.

What if your neighbor has lots of mosquitoes?

There are circumstances that can make the complete control of mosquitos a difficult task. Obviously, living next to a swamp or wetlands will complicate things. And, living next to a neighbor who has conditions that promote mosquito reproduction can also be a challenge. But you aren't at the mercy of your neighbor. If you stay on top of your mosquito control, and you have a trusted pest control company provide your yard with seasonal mosquito treatments, you can get enough control over mosquitoes in your yard to make it a whole lot nicer to spend time outside.

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