Insects Most Likely To Destroy Our Memphis Homes  


If you live in or around the Memphis area, you should be wary of the bugs that are invading and destroying homes. While there are many insects that feed on house materials, there are two main culprits: powderpost beetles and subterranean termites. These two insects are known as silent destroyers because they can cause extensive damage to a home before anyone even knows they are there. Professional pest control services are the best way to protect Memphis homes from these pests.

clear signs of termite damage through our the wooden structure in a memphis tennessee home

Damage that Powderpost Beetles & Termites Cause

Powderpost Beetles and subterranean termites can create serious problems for homeowners, as their primary diets are wood. They can tunnel and chew and make your house their home as they cause extensive damage.
Adult powderpost beetles aren’t the culprit when it comes to damage. It is the larvae of these beetles that eat away at wooden structures. They create holes and tunnels in anything made of wood. The larvae reduce wood to a flour-like consistency and leave it behind, creating piles of what looks like sawdust (effectively turning posts into powder). They can infest walls, beams, and furniture.
Subterranean termites are just as bad. Unlike powderpost beetles, the adults are the ones that feed on wood. They chew mostly on wooden items but they also can consume just about anything containing cellulose, things such as book pages and other papers. Subterranean termites cost United States home and business owners billions of dollars every year.

The Silent Destroyers

The biggest problem with each of these insects is that they are silent destroyers. They make very little, if any, noise until their colonies can be so large that extensive damage is done. This makes them nearly impossible to locate unless you see them, and that's unlikely as they are hidden inside wooden structures. If these pests are left unchecked for long enough periods of time, they can even cause harm to homeowners, as the damage they cause could make the structural integrity of the home unstable, causing collapses and other life-threatening situations.

Why Professional Services are Needed

There are no effective DIY treatments for getting rid of termites and other wood-destroying insects from your home. The best way to get wood-eating insects out of your Memphis residence is by calling the professionals at Dart Pest today. We offer monthly and quarter pest control plans as well as targeted pest control, such as our termite prevention and treatment plans utilizing Termador products. At Dart Pest, Lawn & Wildlife, we take the protection of our customers’ homes and the safety of our customers' health very seriously. Reach out today!

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