Are Moles Tearing Up Your Memphis Yard?


If you've seen moles roaming around your yard, you might be in for some unsightly, costly damage to your yard. These small, burrowing mammals can do significant damage to your property in a short period of time. Mole activity can be difficult to control, so seeking out the best mole control for lawns becomes a critical component to ensure your yard stays intact. Read on to learn more about mole control and what can be done to combat the big problem that these small animals can cause. 

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Do You Have Moles In Your Yard?

Notice anything different about your yard lately? Does it appear that the quality of your lawn is slowly diminishing? Well, the good news is that mole invasions are pretty easy to detect since the destruction that they cause is clearly visible. Therefore, the signs are unmistakable when moles have run amok on your property, causing all kinds of chaos. Check out the list below to see if you’ve spotted these key indicators. You may have moles if you notice: 

  • Raised mounds or hills of dirt
  • Raised tunnels or ridges that crisscross throughout your yard
  • Dead or discolored grass that follows a particular path
  • Squishy-feeling lawn in certain areas, as if the soil was loose
  • A new occurrence or increase in rodents around your yard

If having to deal with moles wasn’t enough, the underground tunnels they construct make it easier for rodents to access your garden and plants. That is why controlling moles from the outset is crucial to fending off further damage.

What Attracts Moles To Your Yard?

The main reason that moles have descended upon your property is to find food. And since they typically like to feast on beetles, earthworms, larvae, and white grubs, yards that play host to any of these common lawn dwellers will be very attractive to moles. The less food available to them, the less likely moles will want to stick around on your property. So, controlling moles in your yard starts with regulating the attractive offerings that it provides. 

Can Moles Cause Irreparable Damage To Your Lawn?

Given the fact that the average mole can effortlessly consume 80% to 100% of its own body weight per day, and must create underground tunnels to search for food, the destruction they can have on your precious lawn can potentially be beyond repair. However, if you implement effective lawn pest control when you first notice any signs of damage, you can begin to reverse it, and thus, reclaim your lovely lawn once more.

What Is The Best Way To Keep Moles Away?

If you want to keep moles from becoming unwanted guests on your property, follow the steps below

  • Eliminate their food sources.
  • Use plants as a barrier, as moles dislike the strong odors of plants like marigolds and daffodils.
  • Keep your grass mowed low and garden bed manicured.

And, of course, get in touch with a reputable exterminating company that can assist you further. Our experienced technicians at Dart Pest, Lawn & Wildlife has been the foremost authority in pest control in Memphis since 1973. Our knowledgeable team has all the tools and resources to provide our customers with ultimate mole control. So be smart and contact Dart Pest, Lawn & Wildlife for your free inspection today!

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