5 Things You Probably Didn't Know About the Bed Bugs in Memphis


Bed bugs cause all kinds of issues for Memphis homeowners, and yet few people know much about them. These pests are incredibly difficult to get rid of partly because people don’t understand how they operate, how they invade homes, and what they do once they get into a home. These five facts about bed bugs will give you an advantage when warding off your own bed bug infestation.

a bed bug crawling on sheets

1.) Bed bugs don’t fly. They cling.

A common misconception surrounds how bed bugs invade homes. Most people think they fly. However, bed bugs lack wings and other body parts required for flying. They are small pests with a banded abdomen and tiny pinchers. Bed bugs cling onto fabric; clothes, shoes, backpacks, furniture, and even boxes; and then get carried into a home. This is why bed bug infestations sometimes pop up after someone or multiple people visit your home.

2.) Your home can be sparkling clean and still have bed bugs.

Often, people envision bed bugs invading only dirty homes, but filth doesn’t attract bed bugs. The only thing bed bugs need to survive is a host to feed on. While a filthy home will certainly exacerbate a bed bug problem by making them harder to find, keeping your home clean isn’t guaranteed protection against bed bugs.

3.) Bed bugs are attracted to carbon dioxide.

What does attract bed bugs is carbon dioxide. We emit more carbon dioxide while we’re sleeping, which is when bed bugs come out to feed. Bed bugs are nocturnal, and they use carbon dioxide emissions to locate their host and feed on them. Therefore, they are hard to detect. You probably aren’t going to be jerked out of a deep slumber by tiny bugs biting you. You also can’t stop breathing, so bed bugs will always be able to find you no matter where you sleep.

4.) Bed bugs don’t transmit diseases.

There are many pests such as rodents and cockroaches that spread dangerous diseases, but bed bugs cannot pass on diseases to humans. They are more of a nuisance pest than anything. The only issues that arise from bed bug bites are possible infections (caused by scratching the bites) or rare allergic reactions. Itchy bites can be managed with simple warm water and soap treatments.

If you look at bed bug bites, you might notice that they’re either in a straight line or a zig-zag pattern, usually in groups of three. This happens because bed bugs bite a few times before they are done eating. Some bug experts refer to these bites as breakfast, lunch, and supper.

5.) You can’t handle a bed bug infestation alone.

Many people believe that getting rid of bed bugs is as simple as cleaning your home and swapping out your mattress. It’s not. In fact, bed bugs are incredibly difficult, if not impossible, to get rid of on your own. Bed bugs breed at a rapid speed once they infest a home and they are highly resilient. Many DIY solutions claim to eliminate bed bugs, but they are rarely effective because they can't get every bed bug and bed bug egg.

Trust Dart Pest, Lawn & Wildlife with handling your bed bug infestation. We are well-trained in tackling even the worst bed bug infestations in Memphis. Call us today and we’ll throw a bullseye every time.

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