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What Memphis Property Owners Need To Know About Squirrel Control


Feeling a little squirrelly? As the weather cools down in October, Memphis residents are hoping for one last day out in the sun before settling in for the winter chill. While out and about in the cooling October sun, Memphis homeowners may be unaware of a different pest moving in: squirrels.Before squirrels start harming your home and family health, learn about what attracts these pests and how to prevent a squirrel problem.... Read More

raccoons in a tree

Are Raccoons In Memphis Yards Dangerous?


Have you ever heard the saying “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure?” No quote describes any pest quite as well as this describes raccoons. Raccoons are nature’s bandits, and if they’ve been pestering the trash cans around your Memphis property, you’re not alone – these pests cause tons of problems every year. Let’s discuss how to identify these pests, what makes them dangerous, and h... Read More

oriental cockroach crawling in kitchen

Four Quick Tips To Keep Cockroaches Out Of Your Memphis Home


There probably isn’t a single Memphis resident that is indifferent toward cockroaches. People fervently hate them, and it’s perfectly understandable. For one, they are hideous. They aren’t nearly as pleasing to the eye as say, a butterfly. Two, they are relentless. It seems they’re determined to stay in your home, no matter what. To boot, they reproduce with speed. Three, they can make you sick with the diseases they sp... Read More

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