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termite damage on a wooden cabinet

A Termite Quick Guide for Memphis Homeowners


Termites are destructive pests that cost homeowners around the country billions of dollars in repairs every year. Unfortunately, they are incredibly hard to spot or identify, which means they could be doing damage that you aren’t aware of. Use this quick guide to keep termites out of your home. ... Read More

a squirrel on a roof in memphis tennessee residential home

What to Do if Squirrels Have Found Their Way into Your Memphis Attic


Believe it or not, squirrels are pretty resourceful. They’re cute (depending on who you ask) and they do the hard work of collecting nuts, seeds, acorns, and other delectable tidbits. They play “deceptive caching” games with fellow squirrels by pretending to bury and cover a nut for an unsuspecting opponent and then go bury their precious delicacy elsewhere. ... Read More

a mischievous squirrel in a memphis tennessee yard

The Memphis Professionals to Call with Wildlife Problems


Are you hearing sounds coming from your attic, crawl space, or walls? Are you seeing droppings of certain shapes or sizes? Maybe there’s shredded insulation or chewed wood, or worse yet, chewed electrical wiring or PVC piping. How about tipped over trash cans? If you are experiencing these things, it sounds like you have a wildlife problem.... Read More

a residential home in memphis tennessee protected all year round with pest control prevention plan

Steps You Can Take To Avoid Pests In 2020


 Pests can cause untold damage to your home and can create an unsafe environment for you and your family. By preparing your house against pests, you make your life that much safer and stress-free.... Read More

a squirrel crawling along the walls of an attic in memphis tennessee

What Is That Sound In My Memphis Attic?


Many critters see your home as a perfectly inviting space to move into. Knowing what to do to prevent these creatures from getting in is key in keeping you and your home safe. Learn how to keep pests out of your Memphis attic with the help of Dart Pest Control.... Read More

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