What Should I Do About Termites In Memphis?


Worried about a termite infestation on your Memphis property? You should be — there's some seriously troubling precedent. Termites cause billions of dollars in property damage every single year across the country, with no end to their seasonal swarms in sight. Knowledge is power against these cellulose-consuming insects, and for that, you've come to the right place. Learn everything you need to know about termites, including the single best method of dealing with them this upcoming spring.

termites crawling in wood nest

What Do Termites In Memphis Look Like?

Termites resemble large ants, with pale white bodies and massively prominent mandibles that they use to chew through and consume wood. They're attracted to areas of high moisture or humidity, although certain species do prefer more dry climates. The most common species of termite to look out for in our area are:

  • Subterranean termites: Perhaps the most common variety, these insects live underground, but when they enter houses, they cause catastrophic structural damage. Recognize them by the distinctive mud tunnels that they construct to protect themselves from the sun as they travel.
  • Drywood termites: These termites aren't shy about the sun, but are still rather stealthy nonetheless. The pale white insects prefer a drier climate, eating hardwood with low moisture contents. Most homes are built with the kind of wood that these pests prefer.
  • Dampwood termites: This dark orange-colored species isn't as significant a threat to your home itself due to its preference for more moist wood, but any wooden structures outside in the elements can fall victim in brutal fashion to their ceaseless appetite.

How Do I Know Whether My Memphis Home Has Termites?

One way you'll know for sure whether your home's infested is if you notice the actual termites themselves. Even a single termite spotted anywhere near your home should be cause for alarm. That said, their proclivity for stealth makes it unlikely you'll ever see them before you see the damage they cause. Here are some other common warning signs that will help you identify a potential termite problem before it reaches that critical point:

  • Distinctive patterns of wood damage around your property – little pinholes dotted around, or maze-like tunnels
  • Noticeably very creaky floorboards, sagging or discolored walls, loose tiles, suddenly ill-fitting doors and windows, or other similar signs of shifting, damaged wood structures
  • Distinctive mounds of fecal droppings or wood shavings littered around your property, often beside other signs of damage
  • Distinctive mud tunnels constructed climbing up your walls
  • Discarded piles of wings from termite reproductive swarmers
  • Suspicious sounds or smells from inside your walls

What Does A Termite Infestation In Memphis Look Like?

Termite infestations tend to progress in a most insidious fashion. Slowly and subtly enough that most people won't notice until it's far too late, but surprisingly quickly such that the structural damage seems to suddenly mount and overwhelm the hapless homeowner. Many homeowners even mistake an infestation for water damage due to the similar appearance in some cases. Don't let that happen to you. If you're vigilant for the signs, you can catch a termite infestation early and save yourself much more effort and expense down the line. Thankfully, you don't have to go it alone.

How Does Dart Get Rid Of Termites?

Ultimately, the safest and most effective means of termite control is to contact the professionals. Reach out to the experts at Dart Pest, Lawn & Wildlife, and we'll take care of the rest. Our certified technicians come equipped with the cutting edge in technology and techniques to take the termites out, entirely. Call now to schedule your inspection, and see why so many others entrust their homes to Dart Pest, Lawn & Wildlife.

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