What Memphis Property Owners Ought To Know About Raccoons


One of the most prominent pests in Memphis is the raccoon. While you might already have a healthy fear of raccoons, there are a few things you may not know about the animal. Find out everything you should learn about this wildlife pest.

raccoon coming inside house

They're Smart Creatures 

Raccoons are extremely intelligent and curious, a dangerous combination that often gets them into trouble. Because they're able to breach fences and garbage cans, raccoons can cause a lot of trouble for you.

They're Nocturnal

Raccoons are nocturnal, which means you might not see them at all. If you notice one, it's probably during the early evening. You'll notice that the mammal has gray fur, a black mask, and black rings around its tail. Typically, the raccoon grows up to 23 pounds, making it one of the heaviest pests in Memphis.

They Cause Damage

Although raccoons look cute, you shouldn't invite them onto your property. They often dig up gardens, tip over garbage cans, and strew garbage about your yard. Because raccoons have dexterity, they can open doors, bottles, and latches. They can climb fences and get into anything.
If you don't want to experience damage from a raccoon, you should take some pest prevention steps. Doing so can keep your Memphis property safe from raccoons.

They Spread Disease

Perhaps the worst raccoon trait is their ability to spread disease. In addition to being carriers for several harmful diseases, raccoons also can bring ticks and fleas into your property. When raccoons are around, anyone can become ill. 

Raccoons Aren't Only In The Wild

Raccoons are indeed an example of Memphis wildlife, but that doesn't mean you'll only see raccoons in the woods. You’re just as likely to see them on a property as you are in the wild. 
Raccoons prefer living in wooded areas with trees, water, and shrubs. They build dens in the hollows of trees and in abandoned burrows. If necessary, raccoons will travel up to 18 miles in search of food. They adapt well to urban environments, often making attics, barns, and sheds their homes. 
Because raccoons eat almost anything, they can find something to eat on your property. There's always some sort of temptation, whether it's a garbage can full of food or bugs under debris.

You Can Discourage Racoons

On your own, it's difficult to deter raccoons. However, there are some ways in which you might discourage them from invading your land. All of the following are ways to deter raccoons:

Protect Your Garbage

If you don't seal up your garage, raccoons can get to it. Use garbage cans with secure lids, and know that these pests may still be able to get into them. You might need to get creative with bungee cords to make your trash inaccessible.

Clean Your Yard

An overgrown lawn and lush vegetation attract raccoons and other pests, like mice and rats. To keep them away, tidy up your yard regularly. 

Scare Them Away

If you do see raccoons on your property, you can try to scare them away with ultrasonic devices. Unfortunately, this isn't always effective.

Take Away Potential Food

Raccoons love dog and cat food. So, leaving your pet food outside overnight is an easy way to call raccoons onto your property. At night, put the food inside. 

Work With An Expert

If you have raccoons on your property or want to keep them away, you need a professional. For more advice on prevention or the safe removal of an existing raccoon problem, contact the Dart Pest, Lawn & Wildlife team today.

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