What Happens When Squirrels Invade Memphis Homes?


Despite being considered cute by many, squirrels are not as cute as they look. They are nuisance pests that, while harmless outside, are a major problem if they make their way into a house. Squirrels bring problems ranging from slight messes with feces to extensive structural damage. Knowing what to do to prevent squirrels from getting into your Memphis home is imperative this fall.

a squirrel on a tree branch outside of a home in memphis tennessee

Identifying Squirrels

Squirrels are part of the rodent family. They are usually grey to brownish in color and range from approximately 8 to 12 inches. They have bushy tails that often curl into an "s" shape and short body fur. They are often seen running around in backyards and scurrying up trees. Sometimes they are confused with chipmunks. But chipmunks are much smaller and can be identified by the stripes going down their backs.

Problems Squirrels Cause

Squirrels can sometimes get into homes by crawling through small holes or damaged areas, but they can also chew their way in. Squirrels usually come indoors when looking for food and shelter. They can create messes in your home as they scavenge for food and leave their waste wherever they roam. They can also cause serious structural damage to a home, as their innate need to gnaw takes over. They can chew on wires, wood, concrete, and even pipes. The damage they cause can make your home unsafe with costly repairs and potential illness for your family. Keeping squirrels outside your home is essential to keeping your home safe.

Prevention Tips

Knowing what to do to stop squirrels from getting into your home is important. There are many preventative steps you can take to try to keep them out. You can plant natural squirrel repellents all around your home, such as marigolds. Squirrels don't like the smell of these pungent flowers and tend to avoid them. You can use vent screens and chimney caps to help keep squirrels out.

If you find that squirrels have made their way into your home, you should search for an entry point. If you find it, use metal to seal it off. This is your best bet in trying to keep squirrels from returning. (But make sure the squirrel is outside, not inside, before sealing the hole.)

You should attempt to make your property unappealing to squirrels. If you have bird feeders, you are essentially inviting squirrels to your home. Unfortunately, it is incredibly hard to keep squirrels out of gardens, unless you have a greenhouse. If you have ripening fruit, you can wrap plastic bird netting around it, which may deter them.

Getting Rid of Squirrels

The most effective way of keeping pests out of your home and off your property is by contacting the professionals at Dart Pest, Lawn & Wildlife. Our trained technicians use humane traps to capture squirrels and relocate them to a safe place. We help you in repairing the damage they may have caused so that they can't return. We also offer monthly and quarterly pest control plans that can help to monitor your Memphis home and keep it squirrel-free, year-round. Reach out today!

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