Three Things You Didn’t Know About Raccoons In Memphis


Raccoons are common pests that most people are familiar with. They aren’t naturally aggressive but will attack if they feel threatened, and they can carry diseases that can be harmful to humans. You may find raccoons feeding on things in your trash cans. If so, they often leave a mess of garbage around the area. Knowing how to prepare your yard to prevent raccoons from scrounging around is important in keeping yourself safe.

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Problems Raccoons Bring

Most people know that raccoons are a nuisance when they dig around through the trash and leave it scattered around the yard. These animals are primarily nocturnal, meaning that they conduct most of their activity at night. This is why you may only see them when you go outside when it’s dark.

Along with the messes they create, raccoons can be dangerous to humans, as they are known carriers of rabies. Rabies is an extremely deadly virus transmitted through animal bites. Once rabies symptoms have begun to manifest, the mortality rate is nearly 100%. Getting rabies vaccines nearly eliminates the possibility of contracting it, which is why, if you have been bitten by a wild animal, you should seek medical help immediately.

3 Unusual Tidbits About Raccoons:

1. While they are primarily nocturnal, they are still sometimes active during the day. Some people automatically think seeing a raccoon during the day means they have rabies and are acting "unusual" but this is not necessarily the case.

2. Raccoon eyes can appear to glow red at night? If you’ve ever been looking outside in the dark and seen two slightly glowing red dots, it was most likely a raccoon that you grabbed the attention of.

3. Raccoons move quite fast and are good swimmers. They can move up to 15 mph, which may seem slow but is quite fast for a chubby little animal. And if they are cornered, they will jump into a body of water (even a swimming pool) to getaway.

Preventing Raccoons

There are many steps you can take to prevent raccoons from approaching your property and becoming a risk. One tip is to keep your trash bins sealed. If raccoons can’t get into your trash, it is unlikely they will stick around unless there is another food source.

Speaking of another food source, if you have pets, you should feed them inside during the day to prevent raccoons from being attracted to your home. Raccoons aren't picky and will eat dog or cat food as well as birdseed.

Professional Pest Control For Raccoons

Despite these tips, raccoons may still attempt to invade your property. The best way of getting rid of them is by contacting the professionals at Dart Pest, Lawn & Wildlife. We use humane traps to catch raccoons and relocate them to an area a safe distance from your home. If raccoons are plaguing your Memphis property this fall, call Dart Pest.

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