The Trick To Keeping Squirrels Away From Your Memphis Property


They're small, they're cute, and they're everywhere. Squirrels are Memphis pests that can invade a property at any time. When they do, they can spread diseases and parasites and wreak serious damage to your home’s foundation. Find out everything you should know about keeping squirrels away from your property.

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Don't Let Guests Feed Squirrels 

We've all seen people throwing bread or nuts to squirrels. And while you might not see that as a harmful behavior, it's one that encourages squirrels to come onto your property and stay there. To keep these Memphis pests away, make sure you and your visitors don't feed the squirrels. This could mean having a large sign warning people not to feed squirrels, or having someone stop guests from feeding squirrels. 

Remove Bird Feeders

If you look out at your bird feeder, you might see something besides a bird. Squirrels often make their way to bird feeders, eager to eat the seeds inside feeders. To limit squirrels on your property, remove bird feeders. If you're intent on keeping your bird feeders, you can try to squirrel-proof them. Just keep in mind that squirrels are smart and agile, so they might still get into your feeder.
In any case, your bird feeder should be at least six feet off the ground and far away from your buildings. Otherwise, you never know when squirrels will decide to invade. 

Limit Entrance Points

Because squirrels spend so much time in trees, they often climb into homes by way of trees, so trim down any branches that come close to your home. Cover chimneys and vents with mesh screens to limit other entry points. If you have any holes in your walls or large cracks, squirrels in Memphis could use them to get into your home, so seal up all cracks and crevices as well.

Protect Your Plants

If you don't want squirrels in your trees, you can install metal sheeting around their trunks. You can hire someone to install the sheeting or do it yourself. However, be sure to allow enough room for the tree to grow.
Protecting your garden is more difficult. Although you can fence in your garden, squirrels might get around it. The fence should be at least one inch thick and 30 inches tall. You can improve your chances of keeping squirrels out by burying six inches of the fence. 

Squirrel Repellents

Many property owners make the mistake of using squirrel repellent to protect their property. However, this doesn't often work and can do more harm than good. If used improperly, squirrel repellent could be harmful to your health. Some companies sell ultrasonic devices to repel squirrels and other wildlife pests, but those are also ineffective. 

Work With A Professional

Trapping or hunting squirrels is not something the typical property owner should do. There are laws in place, and hunting or trapping squirrels may not be in accordance with those laws. For the best results, you need the guidance of a professional.
An expert can take the steps needed to deter squirrels. If it's too late to prevent these pests, a professional can. Safely remove them from your property. For more advice or assistance, contact the pros at Dart Pest, Lawn & Wildlife. Our team is ready to protect your property from the dangers of squirrels. Call us today to get started!

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