The Trick To Getting Rid Of Odorous House Ants In Memphis


Everyone understands that ants can be an invading nuisance on Memphis properties, but did you know that there are actually ants that can make your house smell? If there is a suspicious smell hanging around your home, getting to the source of the problem may be your top priority. You should be especially concerned if you see a group of ants marching through your kitchen and stomping them produces a nasty scent.

You might think that dealing with pest problems on your own is the quicker or cheaper method, but trying to take care of odorous house ant problems yourself will just allow the issue to linger for longer. As with all pest infestations, the longer they linger, the worse the consequences become. The more you learn about these invasive, stinky pests, the more you'll realize why professional solutions are the only solution.

an odorous house ant in a kitchen

More Than Just A Smell

Odorous house ants like to travel around in large packs and invade homes in search of sustainable food sources. Since these ants are only about a 16th of an inch long, they can squeeze their segmented, oval bodies into a variety of the cracks and crevices around homes. They're typically brown or black, like many ants, but it's their smell that gives them away. They will emit a foul odor resembling rotten coconut if they are crushed, so violently stomping at their lines marching through your home will probably make matters worse.

These pests love to nest in the clutter around properties or in stacks of firewood, creating robust infestations and reproducing rapidly. They will often squeeze into homes through cracks and crevices around the property or any areas that pipes enter the home. They might also utilize a roof entry strategy if you have branches near the roof that they can access.

Odorous house ants are attracted to any sort of sweets, especially fruit, so they will search your kitchen for any source of sugar they can find. Unfortunately, as they travel about your kitchen and forage for loose crumbs or poorly stored food, they can contaminate your meal preparation areas or your stored foods. If you allow this dangerous bacteria to remain in your home, you could put everyone at risk of medical problems. That's why comprehensive, prompt, and thorough care is required to get rid of odorous house ant problems.

Take Back Your Home

If you want to reduce odorous house ant attraction to your property, it starts with good home maintenance practices:

  • Cleaning the house regularly to avoid loose crumbs

  • Storing food and trash properly

  • Trimming back tree branches

  • Reducing moisture buildup throughout the home

  • Clearing clutter out of the low traffic areas

  • Maintaining proper fruit storage practices

  • Removing stacks of wood from around the perimeter of the house

  • Sealing cracks and crevices around the foundation with silicone-based caulking

While these methods can be effective in reducing odorous house ant attraction to your home, they may not be as effective if you already have a problem. Even noticing lines of ants outside your home can be an indication of a problem within your walls that you have not noticed yet. That's why professional inspections are the best way to keep your home and family safe. If you already notice signs of a problem, keep in mind that any species of ant is hard to get rid of, especially on your own. Contact the professionals at Dart Pest, Lawn & Wildlife at the first sign of an ant problem to receive our home pest control service. We also provide commercial pest management solutions.

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