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Are you hearing sounds coming from your Memphis attic, crawl space, or walls? Are you seeing droppings of certain shapes or sizes? Maybe there’s shredded insulation or chewed wood, or worse yet, chewed electrical wiring or PVC piping. How about tipped over trash cans? If you are experiencing these things, it sounds like you have a wildlife problem.

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Who Are These Troublemakers?


Squirrels chew on anything from insulation to electrical wiring, possibly causing extensive damage to your home. They can gain entry through a number of access points, and their high breeding rates can turn a small problem into an expensive one. They also tend to carry fleas and ticks, making your loved ones and pets susceptible to several diseases.


Like squirrels, roof rats tend to live in attics where they can create significant property damage. They turn insulation into nesting materials and chew on anything in sight, including the pipes and casing of electrical wires. They also can carry fleas, mites, and ticks … resulting in numerous diseases.


Bats can easily cause wall, insulation, and electrical damage once they take up residence in an attic. They are known to carry more than 200 viruses, and their guano droppings can spread histoplasmosis, a respiratory illness.


These masked critters rummage through garbage cans and get into pet food left outdoors. They can host diseases like salmonella, E. coli, and rabies. They’ll also attack and kill small livestock such as chickens, making them serious invaders.


The only marsupial in America, these triangular-faced creatures are a docile nuisance rather than a threat. The disease they may spread is Lyme disease, due to the ticks they carry. They’re beneficial because they catch and eat cockroaches, rats, and mice. They’re also known for dining on dead animals of all kinds. However, if they reach your home or attic spaces, they’ll tear out insulation and use it for nesting. Opossums are some of the louder and more intrusive forms of wildlife.


Everyone knows beavers for their established dam-building abilities. Felling trees and blocking waterways are their forte. However, their craftsmanship can lead to flooding and damage to your property.


Skunks become a nuisance when their burrowing and feeding cause problems for humans. They may burrow under porches or buildings through foundation openings. They’ll also sometimes feed on corn, damage beehives, or take poultry or eggs.

What is wildlife control?

Wildlife control is a means to resolve human-wildlife conflicts and prevent the movement of nuisance wildlife onto your property.

Does Animal Control get rid of squirrels?

If you notice squirrels on your property, it may be only a matter of time before they find their way into your attic or crawl space to seek warmth and protection from the winter elements. Find a wildlife professional who humanely catches squirrels and removes them from your property. County or city animal control generally won't help with squirrel removal, aside from perhaps loaning you a cage to trap the animals.

How does Dart work?

When you have nuisance wildlife, Dart Pest, Lawn & Wildlife's wildlife control will provide a free estimate and services to remove wildlife. 
Dart Pest Control’s wildlife removal process uses methods of humane wildlife control. We take pride in using live traps, each specific for the animal(s) involved. Our live traps don't kill the animals. We humanely capture the animals and keep them comfortable. We check our traps at least every 24 hours.
We also find animal access points in homes and seal up holes and damage, eliminating opportunities for recurrences.
There’s no reason to put up with nuisance animals in your Memphis home or on your property. Remove them with the help of Dart Pest Control. Contact us for your free estimate and eliminate the damage these animals cause.

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