The Benefits Of Professional Leaf Removal Services For Your Memphis Lawn


As with most things in life, protecting your property from pests actually starts several steps prior to an infestation. You have to maintain your property, including your yard, in order to have a fighting chance at staving off an invasion. Learning why professional lawn services can help you stay on top of these necessary steps is important for responsible Memphis property owners.

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An Unkempt Lawn Causes Bigger Problems

Pest infestations almost always start outdoors. From insects to rodents to parasites, all kinds of pests look for areas to nest in yards and lawns. Piles of leaves and other debris act as hubs for pests to migrate toward, making proper lawn care an important first step in preventing an infestation. Not only can pests cause issues outside by chewing through decorative plants and ruining your soil and lawn, but they can also easily move indoors. A population of nasty pests outside will look for ways into structures for easy access to food and shelter. By the time you notice they’ve infested your lawn or inside of your home or business, the population has almost certainly grown too big for you to take care of on your own.

The Hassles & Hazards Of Leaf Removal

It’s only natural to want to tend your own lawn. Unfortunately, property owners can put themselves at risk of pest encounters when they choose to clear debris out on their own — especially piles of leaves that may have been sitting for hours or days. It doesn’t take long for pests to move in, and they can pose all of the following dangers to you if you try to remove them improperly:

  • Bites & scratches: Many types of pests can sting, scratch, or bite you if they feel threatened. Disrupting their little pile of a nest is a sure way to elicit these kinds of reactions from wildlife.
  • Diseases: Once attacked by pests, you open yourself up to potential disease transmission, from rabies and plague to salmonellosis and malaria. Even just touching a pest can introduce pathogens to your body and property.
  • Parasites: In addition to harmful illnesses, pests can also be infested with fleas and ticks or parasites that also pose risks to your health. If introduced indoors, these parasites can quickly grow into a pest problem of their own.

Comprehensive Services From Dart

With so much that could go wrong, why try to handle it all on your own? Instead of breaking your back and exposing yourself to danger, turn instead to your local pest and lawn care professionals. At Dart Pest, Lawn & Wildlife, we know how to safely and effectively remove pests and the factors that attract them to your property. Not only can we keep your lawn free of leaves and other debris that can be harmful, but we can also recommend other preventative measures that will protect you and your property from other problems that pests cause. Our proven methods come in three simple steps:

  • Inspection: The first step to solving any problem is identifying it, which our experts will do right away with a thorough inspection of your property.
  • Implementation: Whether you need routine prevention and control solutions or full-on pest removal, Dart can match the right solutions to your budget and property.
  • Follow-up: We won’t just clean up the place once and call it quits, we’ll come back and make sure everything is still looking good. If other lawn care or pest treatments are needed following our initial service, we’ll keep at the problem until it’s solved, at no extra charge.

Call Today To Get Started

Rather than letting your lawn become a breeding ground for all kinds of pests, get started right away on early maintenance and prevention. At Dart, our friendly staff can provide you with more tips for how to stay safe from pests that might be lurking in your leaf piles. Call today to get started on an inspection. Protect yourself from the hazards of unsafe leaf removal by contacting Dart right away. 

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