Steps You Can Take To Avoid Pests In 2020


There are many steps you can take to avoid pests in your Memphis home in 2020. Dart Pest, Lawn & Wildlife is your area expert in all things pest and we know that one of the biggest worries homeowners have is pest control. Pests can cause untold damage to your home and can create an unsafe environment for you and your family. By preparing your house against pests, you make your life that much safer and stress-free.

a residential home in memphis tennessee protected all year round with pest control prevention plan

Problems Pests Cause

Termites, cockroaches, spiders, raccoons, and other pests all create their own unique set of problems for homeowners. Depending on what type of pest you have, there is different damage that can be caused, and there are different methods for removing each pest.
Some pests cause direct damage to your home’s structural integrity. They do this by chewing on the wood in the walls or roof, or eating furniture around the house. They can also feed on pipes, wire insulation, and various other things in your home that could cause dangerous situations.
Other pests may be able to cause direct harm to you. Pests that carry diseases might breach your home and eat your food. While doing this, they contaminate whatever they touch and can get people sick. From rats carrying the plague to cockroaches carrying salmonella, plenty of illnesses can be traced to bacteria carried by pests.
The worst part is, you may not even know that they have entered your home. Most pests will try and avoid humans at all times. And the longer they can go unseen, the more damage they can cause.  

Prevention Tips

To keep unfortunate situations from occurring inside your home, take all measures in preventing pests from getting in. The easiest thing to do is to keep your home clean. By removing food messes and clutter, you not only remove food sources that pests are attracted to, but you also eliminate places they can hide.
Another step you can take is to seal any cracks or gaps in your home. Most pests can fit through tiny gaps, so by doing this you get rid of many entrances for pests.

Year-Round Pest Control

Despite taking measures to keep pests out, unwanted pests may still get in. Getting rid of them yourself can be dangerous. The safest option for securing your home is by contacting the professionals at Dart Pest, Lawn & Wildlife. We have year-round pest control plans that can eliminate existing pest problems and prevent future infestations. Contact Dart Pest, Lawn & Wildlife today to prepare your Memphis home for a pest-free 2020.

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