Seven Quick Spider Control Tips For Memphis Property Owners


Have you noticed that we have spiders in Memphis? They hang out in our landscaping, creating webs for us to walk through. They make webs on our rooflines and in the upper corners of our porches and decks. They set up webs between our windows and our screens. But they're not content to make webs on the outsides of our homes. They create them in our basements and cellars. They create them in our attic spaces. They create them in our storage rooms. And, worst of all, they create them in the common areas of our homes, such as kitchens, bathrooms, living rooms, and bedrooms.

a house spider on a web

If you're thinking, "Um, no thanks." We're with you! Here are seven spider control tips to keep Memphis spiders out of your Memphis home.

1. Rake Those Leaves Up

If you only knew how attractive the dampness under your leaves are to bugs, you'd get out there and rake the leaves as soon as they hit the ground. Your leaves provide the perfect environment for ants, silverfish, ticks, cockroaches, and many other pests. If you have leaf piles or leaf litter, you will have more bugs. If you have more bugs, you're going to have more spiders because spiders eat bugs.

2. Dry Things Up

Spiders, and the bugs they eat, prefer areas that are damp. If you create conditions in your landscaping that promote dry topsoil, you're going to resist pest activity. Clean your gutters to make sure the water is flowing down and away from your home rather than over the sides to pour down your exterior walls and saturate your foundation perimeter. Trim bushes and shrubs to allow for good airflow. This lets the wind dry the topsoil after watering. Put space between your plants. This also works to keep the air flowing through. Water your plants in the morning. This will prevent water from sitting on your plants overnight.

3. Trash Management

Your trash is a food source and breeding site for many insects. If you have exposed trash or a dirty trash receptacle, you will have more insect activity. If you have more insects, you'll have more spiders. Keep bagged trash in covered containers. Routinely clean the interior and exterior of your containers. Remove trash from your property weekly to prevent breeding.

4. Get Rid Of Webs

Webs are unsightly, but that isn't the reason you need to quickly remove them when you see them. Webs can have egg sacs in them, and an egg sac can have as many as 300 eggs in it. That's 300 spiderlings waiting to hatch, and 300 spiders waiting to crawl around on your property. Remove those webs with a broom and treat the webbing with an EPA approved product to eliminate the eggs.

5. Remove Harborage

Spiders hide in lawn clutter, particularly woodpiles, brush piles, and other organic debris. A clean, clear, trimmed yard is a spider-resistant yard. Everything you do to reduce clutter and move objects away from your exterior will help to reduce spiders.

6. Seal Entry Points

It is impossible to get rid of all the entry points spiders can use, but you can reduce the number of spiders that get into your home by sealing potential points of entry. Fill in holes created by wood-destroying pests. Replace damaged screens, weatherstripping, and door sweeps. Seal foundation cracks. Seal gaps around pipes and other exterior wall penetrations. Install weep hole protectors.

7. Pest Control

The best way to keep spiders from exploiting any entry points you've missed is to have a licensed pest professional perform routine barrier treatments around your home. The products used will repel and eliminate the bugs that spiders eat and may also work to eliminate the spiders themselves, depending on the species. Your pest control will also come with web removal, which makes a big difference.

If you live in Memphis, contact Dart Pest, Lawn & Wildlife to get your home pest control service in place. We're standing by to assist you with this important pest protection for your Memphis, TN home and family. Contact us and get started with immediate pest control services.

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