Secret To Effective Wasp Control For Your Memphis Lawn


Keeping paper wasps away from your Memphis yard isn’t easy to do on your own. Fortunately, there are a few ways in which you can try to eliminate wasps and prevent them from taking over your property. Learn more about these wasps and how you can control them.

a paper wasp in a tree outsie of a home

What Are Paper Wasps?

Paper wasps grow to be about an inch long and have narrow waists and black wings. Although they look like yellow jackets, paper wasps are slimmer and tend to be more brown in color. There are several of species of paper wasps, they all have slightly different coloration.

These insects usually build nests in sheltered areas. Generally, they nest in attics, window sills, and door frames. You might not see the nest, but you’ll probably notice many wasps buzzing around the area. Their nests look as if they’re made with paper, but are actually made of plant material and saliva. At a distance, a paper wasp nest looks a little like a small umbrella.

As pollinators, paper wasps are good for the environment. They feed on nectar and help your garden thrive. Because they feed other insects to their larvae, these wasps also control other pests. It’s not all good news, though. Paper wasps can cause problems so you may not want them nesting near your home.

The Problems Associated With Paper Wasps

Unlike some other more gentle types of bees, paper wasps can be aggressive when disturbed. They have a painful sting that has the potential to cause an allergic reaction. Because each nest tends to have between 20 and 30 wasps in it, there’s a good chance you will be stung multiple times if you disturb a nest. The wasps won’t stop stinging until the threat is gone.

Typically, a paper wasp sting will be red and swollen. Depending on your reaction, you may need anti-inflammatory drugs to calm the pain and swelling that accompanies a sting. In severe cases, you will require medical intervention.

If you don’t disturb a nest, the wasps are unlikely to sting you. That said, there’s always a chance that you could step on a wasp or inadvertently bump into a nest. To be certain you or someone in your family doesn’t get stung, you should do your best to prevent wasps from building a nest on your property.

Tips For Wasp Prevention And Elimination

There are a few things you can do to prevent wasps from building a nest on your property. First, you should keep your shrubs and hedges trimmed back. Before you start trimming, scout the area for existing wasps' nests.

Second, seal up all cracks and crevices around your home. Use a silicone caulk to cover the entrances and you may be able to keep wasps and other stinging insects away. Check your screens for tears and repair them as soon as possible. If you don’t have screens on your doors or windows, keep them closed. This will prevent wasps from entering your home.

Finally, keep your food covered. When you’re eating outside, use a screen to cover up your food. Making your yard less appealing to wasps is an effective way to prevent these pests.

Removing Wasps' Nests

Despite your efforts, paper wasps may still be attracted to your home. Unfortunately, removing a wasps' nest is a dangerous task. Instead of attempting to remove one on your own, you should work with an experienced professional. Whether or not the nest is active, you put yourself at risk by trying to remove it on your own.

The professionals at Dart Pest can safely remove your wasp nest. Then, they can give you more advice on preventing the wasps from returning. Call today to learn more. 

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