Secret To Effective Cockroach Control For Memphis Homeowners


Memphis is home to several pest cockroaches. The most prolific is the German cockroach, widely considered to be the worst structure-infesting pest in the world. Then we have the American cockroach, brown-banded cockroach, and Oriental cockroach. While these insects differ in appearance and vary in behavior, they all present a threat to health because they are all drawn to decaying organic matter and feces.

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Here is a quick guide to help you get control of cockroaches and protect your family from cockroach-related illnesses.

How Moisture & Cockroaches Go Together

If you have a damp perimeter, you're going to have more cockroaches exploring the outside of your home. Reducing moisture can have a big impact on cockroach populations. Clean your gutters. Water your plants in the early morning. Trim bushes and shrubs. Trim tree canopy. Rake leaves and other organic debris up. Move woodpiles away from your exterior. Remove clutter that allows moisture to be trapped underneath.

If you have high humidity inside your home, cockroaches will love you for it. When cockroaches get in, it is important that they don't find humidity and moisture. Add dehumidifiers to your basement, cellar, and especially your boiler room. Fix any leaky faucets in your home. Turn your fan on when taking a bath. Refrain from leaving water in your jetted tub between baths.

Pets & Cockroaches

If you have a pet that goes in and out of your home, it is likely that you have animal waste in your yard. This can increase your chances of having a cockroach infestation. Keep waste picked up. Consider creating a fenced-in play area if you don't have one.

Where Cockroaches Find Rotting Organic Matter

When cockroaches explore the outside of your home, it is important that you prevent them from finding anything rotting. Rotting organic matter is a food source and it can also be a breeding site. Keep all trash in covered containers. Keep trash containers clean. If you have compost, make sure it is mixed properly. If you have a garden or lots of landscaping, make sure you remove organic matter as you trim things.

When cockroaches get into your home, it will be difficult for them to breed if you keep a tight ship – and, by tight, we mean clean. Keep your interior trash receptacles clean. Remove trash at least once a week. Deep clean the sides of your stove. Deep clean the nooks and crannies of your kitchen. Clean spills up immediately.

Hide The Food

The food in your home can make your home attractive to cockroaches, but cockroaches are particularly attracted to foods that are going bad or that have already gone bad. Rotting food has a strong odor. Put pantry foods inside sealed containers. Put fruit in the fridge. Protect potatoes from rotting. Put pet food down only during mealtimes.

Seal Entry Points

While it is impossible to keep cockroaches out of your home by sealing entry points, reducing the number of entry points, and making noticeable gaps, holes, and cracks disappear, can have an impact. Seal cracks in your foundation walls, particularly around windows. Seal gaps or holes around your door or window frames. Install weep hole protectors. Replace or repair damaged screens and weatherstripping. Install doors sweeps for doors that do not have them.

Don't Go It Alone

Remember that Dart Pest, Lawn & Wildlife is always available to assist you with pest control in Memphis. We offer affordable residential pest control plans that help to make Memphis homes cockroach-free. Schedule a service appointment to meet with one of our licensed professionals today. Cockroach infestations can lead to serious health problems. Let us help you get those roaches out and keep them out.

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