Pest Spotlight: Dealing With Raccoons In Memphis


Tipping over a trash can and rifling through garbage for things to eat is fun, but only if you are a raccoon. These bushy-tailed night wanderers love crawling through other people's discarded items to find tasty things to eat and drink. They also invade structures and cause other serious problems around properties in our area. To help you deal with the raccoons in Memphis, here are some things you should know about raccoon control. For fast services to deal with an existing problem on your property, contact Dart Pest, Lawn & Wildlife. Learn what raccoon pest control in Memphis looks like and schedule a visit today.

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Raccoons Hiding Spots In Memphis

Raccoons are fairly brave wildlife creatures, which does not mean they don't understand that a larger creature equals a dangerous situation. You are most likely to find raccoons out and about at night. During the day, they seek shelter inside hollows, abandoned structures, under trees, and in other secluded areas. If you suspect these pests are sheltering on your property, be safe about looking for them. A raccoon will bite if it feels trapped or threatened. To safely identify where these pests may be hiding on your property, have a professional check for you. 

What To Do When You've Spotted The Raccoons

Seeing a raccoon in your yard does not mean you have a problem. These pests regularly wander through neighborhoods and are always changing their nest locations. You should be concerned, however, if you start noticing tipped-over trash bins and damage to your outbuildings, porch, and other structures. These are an indication of raccoons that are settling down. You do not want this. If you suspect raccoons are settling in on your property, hiring a professional is the safest approach to give them the boot. Give Dart Pest, Lawn & Wildlife a call to learn about our wildlife control options or if you have questions about raccoons.

Ten Essential Raccoon Control Tips

No one wants to live with or near raccoons. These night bandits will cause trouble on your property. Assuming you don't want raccoons settling on your property and that you don't have an existing infestation, here are ten essential raccoon control tips to try:

  1. Clean up fruit, berries, and vegetables that are accessible in your yard.
  2. Pick up dropped food and beverage containers after hosting an outdoor gathering.
  3. Do not feed your pets outdoors and clean their bowls after every meal.
  4. Make sure your home's exterior is properly sealed, and keep doors and windows closed when you are not using them.
  5. Repair damage to your gutters and make sure water is not pooling around your home's exterior.
  6. Eliminate sources of water buildup around your property.
  7. Fill in holes around your property.
  8. Make sure your trash cans have tight-fitting lids.
  9. Install a fence around your lawn and garden.
  10. Consider investing in a long-term wildlife pest control option to deter local pests like raccoons.

For fast services to remove and control raccoons, consider talking to the experts at Dart Pest, Lawn & Wildlife.

Raccoon Removal & Control With Dart Pest, Lawn & Wildlife

Raccoons do not belong on your property. They belong out in the wild. If you want to relocate these pests, consider investing in pest control for raccoons. At Dart Pest, Lawn & Wildlife, we know how these nighttime trash-tippers think. We will identify a problem on your property and give these pests the boot fast.

Contact our team today to learn more about your raccoon control options and schedule your Memphis property for a service visit.

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