Memphis Property Owners' Complete Guide To Termite Swarmers


You're sitting outside, enjoying your favorite meal, only to look up and have your tranquility sabotaged by a horde of flying insects. Are you looking at a plague that's about to take over Memphis? Probably not. Instead, you might be looking at a termite swarmer. Learn everything you should know about termite swarmers in Memphis.

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When Will You See Termite Swarmers? 

Termite swarmers usually happen in warm weather. Unfortunately, because Memphis has a relatively mild climate, termites tend to be around all year long. However, they don't stay particularly active in the cold weather. They wait to reproduce until the temperature rises, which is often in the spring. 
So, you're most likely to see a swarmer in the spring or summer. Just keep in mind that you're not free from termites during any month of the year. You could have them lurking in your walls at any time of year. People simply refer to the spring and summer as termite season because that's when swarmers are the most visible.

What Is The Purpose Of A Termite Swarmer?

The reproductive cycle of termites is extremely interesting. In the termite caste system, not every member will reproduce. Rather, only select termites in Memphis will mate. Winged males and females take to the sky with the purpose of mating, but when they do mate, the termites lose their wings and start a new colony.
Termites don't fly far, but they do travel. While they won't necessarily travel from one city to another, they could travel from one yard to another. If you see a swarmer near your property, there's a possibility that you have termites in your home or business. 

Do You Have Termites In Memphis? 

For most Memphis property owners, a termite swarmer is the first sign of an infestation, but they’re not a guarantee that you have termites. These damaging pests could settle on another property. If you see a swarmer, the best thing you could do is call an expert.
A professional pest control inspection could discern whether or not you have termites. If you do have termites in your structure, early detection can save you significant money on repairs. 

Keeping Termite Swarmers Away

If you don't want termites to cause your Memphis property significant damage, you can do the following:

Limit Soil And Wood Contact
Subterranean termites travel from your soil and into your wood, so limit soil to wood contact to limit your chance of having an infestation. If possible, place a concrete barrier under all wood that touches the soil.

Reduce Moisture Issues
If you have leaking hoses or gutters that drain poorly around your property, you could be attracting termites. Address excess moisture sources to make your property less appealing to these pests. If you have any water-damaged wood, replace it with undamaged lumber.
Remove Rotting Wood
Old stumps and log piles on your property will only attract termites. To protect your property, you should remove all traces of tree limbs and stumps from your property. Otherwise, termites may decide to use the wood as a good source.
Work With Professionals
Whether you own a home or business, termites could cause you devastating damage. If you don't work with an expert, you put everything at risk. It may only be a matter of time before a termite swarmer devices to take over your property. Without professional assistance, you don't have the tools or resources to prevent or eliminate termites
Here at Dart Pest, Lawn & Wildlife, we can protect your property. If you see a termite or suspect that they're around your property, contact us today we'll investigate the situation ASAP.

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