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For too many homeowners, pests are a subject they only think about when an infestation is already a problem. The issue with this approach is that pest control is about prevention rather than reaction, so falling behind on routine maintenance or failing to address access points will simply allow pests to move in when you’re not paying attention. Learning why professional pest control is the best way to keep your property safe should be the goal of every homeowner. 

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Pests Don’t Care About Your Schedule

Many people think that pests are only a problem during certain times of the year, but they are, in fact, a year-round issue. So are the preventive measures required in order to reduce the likelihood of an infestation. The insects that we see buzzing or crawling around while we’re outside in the spring and summer will find ways inside once the weather cools. Similarly, rodents are more likely to invade in order to seek shelter from the cold of winter. Once the nice weather returns the following year, the cycle starts all over again. Only trained experts know how to constantly stay ahead of this revolving door of pest problems, applying the right control and removal methods to the issue. 

Prevention Is Better Than Reaction

Because so many different types of pests can be a problem during different times of the year, it’s important to take early preventive action instead of just responding to an infestation once the signs become apparent. Pests are very good at hiding and surviving on scraps until they find a food source. Once their needs are met, a population can grow quite large in a short amount of time. Here are all the problems you open yourself up to by not hiring professionals to keep up on these crucial prevention methods:

  • Damage: From tunneling termites to gnawing rodents, pests can chew, scratch, or dig through personal property at an alarming rate. Protecting yourself from the worst pest damage comes from regular professional maintenance. 
  • Disease: Many pests aren’t just nuisances, they actually pose significant risks to your health. From bacterial and viral diseases to parasites like ticks and fleas, pests can introduce a host of nasty ailments to your home.
  • Odor: As they breed and feed, pests produce foul odors that quickly permeate a structure. This odorous effect is only worsened by the fact that many pests hunker down inside walls and vents.

Superior Protection From Dart

Luckily, you don’t have to go it alone when it comes to proper pest prevention. Rather than try to keep on pest control all year long, just to hope that you can avoid some of these problems, you should instead turn to pest experts. At Dart Pest, Lawn & Wildlife, our trained technicians can work with you on controlling pest populations and the things that might attract them to your property. Not only will we conduct routine inspections of your home, inside and out, but we will also provide you with simple, effective steps that you can take to help protect your property. We not only implement proven solutions, we arm you with the knowledge you need to keep your home safe from pests before they’re even an issue. Only this kind of partnership can ensure that nothing gets missed from one time of the year to the next. That’s not only helpful, it’s cheaper in the long run than spending your time and money on things that might not even be working.

Get Started Today

A pest population could be growing right outside or in some dark corner of your home right now, meaning you should get started right away on addressing problem spots. At Dart Pest, Lawn & Wildlife, we can get started on an inspection of your home right away, giving you peace of mind that a problem isn’t already forming. If pests have already moved onto your property, even if we just notice some areas of improvement for total prevention, we will work with you to match the right solutions to your situation.

Don’t let pests become a continuous problem for you and your home, visit Dart Pest, Lawn & Wildlife online, or give us a call today.

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