7 Easy Tips To Keep Nuisance Wildlife Away From Your Memphis Property


Memphis, Tennessee residents are surrounded by wildlife year-round, even through the wintertime. Memphis’ many forests and trails make this a beautiful southern city, but it also provides a lot of hiding spaces for a lot of dangerous pests.
Wildlife problems are growing more frequently in Memphis, in part because property owners don’t know the proper measures to keep these pests away. Before wildlife spreads damage and disease in your Memphis property, let’s learn about these pests and how to stop them. Let’s identify some common wildlife problems in Memphis, TN households, followed by 7 tips to prevent them from getting inside. 

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Common Wildlife In Memphis, TN

Without taking the necessary precautions, any of the following wildlife could get into your Memphis property:

  • Rodents: mice, rats, and squirrels are frequent uninvited guests in Memphis homes. Growing anywhere from 3 to 11 inches, these pests will frighten any unfortunate homeowner and spread many harmful illnesses.

  • Pigeons: pigeons have gray feathers, round bodies, iridescent heads, and commonly cluster throughout cities and urban areas.

  • Raccoons: raccoons are nocturnal, medium-sized mammals that often invade trash cans. These pests are only a nighttime issue, but they can wake you up during the night or damage your property. 

A sign of an infestation from any one of these creatures should be handled immediately, as all of these pests can inflict serious property damage and even graver illness. For instance, pigeons can spread bronchitis, raccoons can spread rabies, and rodents can spread Hantavirus, leptospirosis, and even the plague. 
To add insult to injury, Memphis wildlife will almost certainly damage your home if they find a way in, breaking through your insulation or chipping away at your home’s masonry. Prevention is key, otherwise, Tennessee’s wildlife will cause costly home repairs, and potentially, even costlier medical bills. 

Wildlife Prevention Tips For Memphis Homeowners

Prevention is key to keeping your home safe because once pests get in, they are very hard to remove. Make sure you tick all of the following off of your pest prevention checklist: 

  • Secure trash storage: keep all your trash bins indoors, or foraging wildlife like rodents and raccoons will feast inside. 

  • Deep cleaning: wildlife will nest in undisturbed spaces that often go uncleaned for months, so you should sweep beneath appliances, closets, your attic and garage, chimney, and inside cabinets. 

  • Moisture control: moisture attracts rodents, and the kitchen and bathroom are especially humid, so make sure these areas of the house are well ventilated. 

  • Comprehensive yard maintenance: falling leaves create nesting opportunities, so cut your grass, remove leaf piles, and keep your firewood properly stored.

  • Remove standing water: puddles and gutter water attract all wildlife since standing water is a reliable source of hydration. 

  • Food storage: keep your pantry securely closed, don’t leave food sitting out, or the rodents will be chomping at the bit to come in. 

  • Seal all doors and windows: cracks in your masonry are common entry points, so do a thorough examination of your walls, doors, and window frames to make sure your caulking and sealant remain secure.  

Last and most importantly, contact the pest control professionals at Dart Pest, Lawn, & Wildlife. We have tons of experience handling Memphis’ wildlife, and if these pests move indoors, we’re ready to get them out. Reach out today and see what we can do for your Memphis home.

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